Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm blogging!!....about flower girl dresses

Okay so my pretty little Ellie gets to be a flower girl this summer for the first time! So of course I was super excited to find her the prettiest, fluffyest, most fabulous dress out there. So I found one..for simply $40! well I got my monies worth, while Ellie was trying it on... flowers began falling off. So needless to say we won't be wearing that one.  So my search began, again.  I then discovered this little website, not sure if you've heard of it, etsy. And now my addiction has begun.  I immediately found a store called Fluffy Tuffies.  The designer Niki is just fabulous. She worked with me to create the dress I wanted. The first dress that caught my eye was this one

RESERVED---------Posh Hydrangea Delight  Tutu Dress and hair clip set

But of course the flowers on top were unavailable :-( so....Niki did not give up. She worked with me and we were able to use that same purple on one of her other dresses. I am so excited to see what she designs. I have full confidence that her flowers will not fall off.  So I encourge you to check out her etsy page and see all the fabulous creations she can make for you and your little flower girl.

Thanks for reading my first blog, and hopefully you'll come back. Any and all suggestions are welcome.


  1. Oooo...I love it Mandy!!
    Ellie will be so wonderfully cute in this dress.
    Great Find!!

  2. I only had boys, so dissapointed I could not do these fun things with girls!

  3. If your little girl is mature enough to talk about her likings, require her. Search the wardrobe a great idea about active supporting accessories. Decide the idea.

  4. wow....... little Ellie is looking so beautiful like a angel in this dress.

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