Thursday, July 14, 2011

Addison's Wonderland

Decorating Ellie and Peyton's rooms has been one of the most fun house projects I've done. But...I am always looking for ways to make it better. That is why I am so happy I found this shop! Addison's Wonderland is a on-line boutique that designs bedding, drapery, etc for your little girls room. She will be so excited to go to sleep! Heck...I would want to sleep in the bedroom too. I love all the colors and patterns that are put together in these sets BUT what I love even more is how it can all mix and match too! Its a win-win.

So here is the background on this shop and a little about the designer, Brittany Hayes:

Addison’s Wonderland is everything that I dreamed of for my daughter’s room.  I always wanted to have a little girl and as an interior designer, decorating her room was one thing I looked forward to doing the most.  I wanted to create a dreamy wonderland for her full of colors, patterns and precious details.  I envisioned a room that she would love from the age of 2 years old to 16 years old, a room with timeless charm and a place where she would feel like an absolute princess.  Each collection is colorful, whimsical, sweet and just a little bit over the top.  The collections from Addison’s Wonderland give you the options of adding one piece to a room for a touch of whimsy or using the entire collection to create a complete sweet dreams wonderland for your little girl.  The collections were designed to be mixed and matched to suite each child’s unique personality and style and also to be purchased as a complete set for a consistent professionally designed look.
If given the chance to become anything, do anything or pursue any dream, for me Addison’s Wonderland is all of that and much more.  Every day that I walk into the production facility, I catch myself smiling at the simplest of things.  The piles of ruffles, drums of custom welt cord and bolts upon bolts of fabric are what I have dreamed of since college.  In 2005, I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Interior Design and a dream of owning my own drapery workroom.  I started a workroom out of my house during my junior year of college in 2003 and paid my way through school with Brittany L Interiors.  By 2005, my husband’s company had taken off and I started working with A Polished Finish, Inc. managing the office and designing kitchens and bathrooms.  We welcomed our precious Addison AnnaBelle in 2007 and she has been my life from that moment on.  After several seasons in sales for a wonderful children’s clothing company, I decided in the fall of 2010 to start sketching designs and sewing samples of bedding, draperies and headboards. 

Right now the shop currently has 3 collections. I'm going to share a little about each one.

The Addison Collection is the inspiration behind the entire company. It was designed for my very own little princess and is also named after her. This design was born about a year and a half ago and I decided to hold off on implementing it in her room until I actually created Addison’s Wonderland. As a designer, I have a habit of envisioning exactly what I want and then not being able to find it anywhere. So instead, I got out my sketchbook and started to sew it myself! From the bed skirt to the bolster, each piece in this collection combines gorgeous contrasting colors with intricately detailed craftsmanship to create a subtle elegance fit for a princess. The precious pink velveteen curtains trimmed out in ruffles and contrasting cording add a sweet sophisticated look while the scalloped bed skirt with layers of ruffled tulle and buttons is the crème de la crème of this collection.
To sum it up, this collection is sweet as sugar…

Delicious!! I love the softness of the room. And who doesn't want ruffles on their bed?!

The Ava Collection is inspired by my own love of color, color and more color. It features a bold combination of playful prints, buttons, pleats, ruffles and of course all the trimmings. The floral chartreuse fabric creates a bold palette while the more subtle orange and pink patterns add a girlie, preppy feel. Each piece features unique designs and impeccable details. The Ava duvet is a work of art that will add ruffled, girlie goodness to every girl’s room. In the sampling process, I think I drove everyone crazy saying “Let’s add more fabric there, more

ruffles here, more cording there…” Why not? All little girls love a candy shop of colors and that is exactly what this collection was meant to be…

I could just picture my friend Steph's twin girls in this room. How precious is this?! And I have to mention that fabulous Organic Blooms frame in between the beds. Just got my first two frames, the just add so much to a room.
The Anniston Collection is for that quirky, fun-loving, wild child.  It was the fabrics that my husband looked at initially and said “Woah, seriously?”.  The sweet little owl made me a little nervous at first but all put together, I think that it turned out pretty darn cute.  Just wait until you see the rest of this collection this fall…

This collection will be debuting in the Fall. I can not wait to see more. I'm loving owls right now and so is Ellie. And I love the bright colors. Living in rainy Washington, we need bright bedrooms.
I'm not sure which one is my favorite they are all stunning and beautiful in their own way...but I am loving Anniston. Ellie's room might be getting a makeover! Brittany obviously has an amazing eye for style, color and detail. Her collections are amazing and they are something your littles will love to call their bedroom.

To stay up to date on the release of Anniston, or just any other fabulous news the shop will share, head over to the below links to view more photos and become a fan of this amazing shop.

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