Saturday, August 27, 2011

ZUZII - Beautiful, modern, pre walker baby shoes and accessories

So a preggers friend found this shop and when I saw the products I knew I had to share this with MB's followers. Oh how I wish I had a baby girl to wear these things! ZUZII products are high quality accessories for your little babe.All products are handmade in this family owned and operated infant shoe and accessories company.

Here is a quick bio about the company:
At zuzii™ we combine innovative design and comfortable materials to create affordable options for your modern baby.  Having personally experienced the ups & downs of today’s market we set out to create a flexible brand; One that allows us to bring a flow of creative footwear and accessories that help your little one’s look come together at just the right price.  We are a mother and daughter owned company, and it is the collection of our design experience that has allowed us to partner in establishing zuzii™. By combining traditional cobbling and sewing techniques with our modern and clean aesthetic, we have created a very efficient manufacturing system that allows us to custom make every order for you and your baby.  More now than ever, it is important for us to support American manufacturing. All zuzii™ products are handmade by our team. Additionally, we source all raw materials from within the United States. About our Custom Woven Cotton: We feel we have created the perfect blend of stretch cotton, which allows for full movement of your babies feet. This high quality blend allows feet to remain cool in summer and warm in winter. Pediatricians agree that as your baby’s feet are developing there should be no restriction and that shoe uppers should be made with lightweight & breathable materials. zuzii™ cotton provides just this, a lightweight, durable, and wearable shuzii™
So first let me show you the boots! Hide your credit'll be tempted to buy them all!




As you can see ZUZII has lots of adorable little accessories to offer in lots and lots of colors. And the ladies love doing custom just ask. Hope you found something you love. To view their entire product line, visit them and the below sites!

ZUZII on etsy
ZUZII on Facebook
ZUZII on Twitter
ZUZII website