Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Lucy's

I have not bought any items yet from this boutique, but it's simply because I can not decide! I love it all. The owner of Vintage Lucy's, Tabatha, has tagged her shop as "hip items with vintage flair." This funky little shop was started in 2002 so that she could stay at home with her 5 bambinos and bring some funk to the children's clothing industry. Tabathas designs are greatly influenced by her love for all things punk and vintage, she has blended the two together for one hip unique line of clothing for every generation.

So what's this stylin mom got in her shop? Well for the boys she has lots of vintage tees helping them look like the little rebels they are:

Her retro fleece blankets look so cozy and adorable

Now of course there are several pages of items for the girls, here's a taste:

No outfit is complete without accessories and Vintage Lucy's has some great pieces to choose from

Ladies, need some style in the kitchen? Well Tabatha has whipped up some smokin kitchen towels

I have tried to show you a good variety, but honestly there is so much to see, just go check it out yourself. From clothes to kitchen towels and accessories, its all adorable, funky items in this mamas store. Believe me you are sure to filll up your cart. So check out Vintage Lucy's website and etsy store. Heck you can even have a trunk show!

Also, check the list of retailers that carry the Vintage Lucy's line, you can find stores in 29 states and 10 countries!

**Sizing- Most items are from NB to Youth12. There are adult sizes as welll!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Evys Tree

Gosh I'm not even sure where to begin with this post because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shop. Not only for me but for Ellie too! Its a win-win. You could say I am slightly obsessed with Amy's hoodies, and I get super excited knowing that on Thursdays she debuts a new design, AAHHHH!

Okay so enough of my blabbing, what is this new obsession of mine? The bio on this shop is this:
My name is Amy and I am elementary school teacher who has morphed into a proud stay at home mommy. I have two incredible young children, Jacob and Evelyn. I am married to the best man in the whole wide world, Brandon. And I am addicted to hoodies.

Yes, its sad but true.

So not too long ago, I was in desperate need of some new, updated hoodies and was eyeing a couple from my very fave store, Anthropologie. Since our budget has been tight, I could not afford them, so I decided to take a couple of old, plain hoodies I had hanging around in my closet and embellish them.

Well, I loved them. And so did everyone else. I started making some for friends, then for friends of friends, and now for my little shop on etsy.

My philosophy is very simple. I take top of the line hoodies and tees {American Apparel} and use no frills materials to embellish them. I am a mom-I know how important comfortable but cute clothes are. I strive to make that with my clothing. Everything I make is machine washable, but most need to be hung dry to perserve the life of them. Very few items require ironing.
So now for the gasping- let me show you the two items that just got delivered to me today, one for me (white) and one for Ellie (Navy)

I know right, freakin adorable. Well it doesn't stop there. Amy then inticed me with this vintage fabric desgin. She had me at vintage...

So the above 3 styles Amy calls Brillas, but she has other styles too:
 The Zip Up

Brilla Cut Off

Now ladies, the fabulous does not end there, there are tees, wraps and even a design for the guys!

So now for all the yummy details for how you can scoop up these fabulous designs

Amy has a store on Etsy, there you will find all her available items, the sizes and more detailed info about the products.

And then there is the blog. Now the blog is special becuase this is where Amy debuts the new item for the week and will post the PayPal link on the blog to purchase, not on Etsy. So see her blog for more details.

And of course lets not forget everyone's fav, Facebook! Evystree has a page here too so you can be up to date on where Evys Tree fashions will be, what the shop is up to, and even how you can win an item when there is a giveaway.

So go support this fabulous mom and in return you and your little ones (and the men too if you have room left in your cart) will look super posh in your jazzed up hoodies. Thanks!!

p.s. NON EVYS TREE related: What do you think of Moda Bambino having a FB page? yeah or nah?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Diaper Designs by Kim

Hello Gals! So what am I blogging about today.... Diaper Designs by Kim! Kim is a mommy from Missouri who began her biz simply by making gifts for friends showers. Well once word got out about her "cakes", everyone wanted a slice.

Now what's funny is that I was not shopping for a cake, but just "looking"- that's what I tell Kyle when really I am shopping :-) Anyway I was looking for a gift for my friend who is having a baby boy soon, and I stumbled upon Kims shop. Love Google, Love Etsy- enough said.

What caught my eye in Kims shop was this adorable tattoo onesie:

I saw it and was like- must have for Erin (friend having baby). Upon looking further in Miss Kims shop I discovered that her true passion is diaper cakes. Before seeing Kims cakes I would never have thought of this as a gift idea, but Kim clearly points out on her website why they are the perfect gift: "It's true what they say, 'You can never have too many diapers.' The average baby goes through about 8-10 diapers a day. Added up that's around 300 a month and 3600 a year. Wow! That is why a diaper cake makes a fantastic idea. It is one of the most creative and unique baby shower gifts around. Not to mention how usefull all those diapers will be after the baby arrives."

Check out Kims cakes:

And she does custom orders too- to coordinate with a shower theme.

And to top off her fabulousness Kim has wipe cases, photo props and a boys boutique!

So please check out her website and etsy store. You definitely won't go away empty handed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bubble Gum and Buttons

So the shop I am featuring for this post is "Bubble Gum and Buttons."  The shops motto is: Where fun meets class!  I love her title on her profile- Master of Multi-tasking aka MOM; how hilarious is that! The owner is Colleen and she resides in Michigan with her 3 kiddos.  She created this shop just last fall and has been creating funky and classy fashions since.  So what is her specialty.... well let me let the pictues do the talking

Yeah I heard the gasps, freaking adorable right! I purchased this lovely legging set for my BFF Annie and her bun in the oven- Maebel. I love them because, like Colleen suggest, you can give them a twist and it looks as though the stem is wrapping around the chubby little legs.  Leggings like this are great for when the babe is just in a little onesie and you want to spruce it up. Or even better when they start crawling, great little knee protectors. Then for older girls, they can get super funky and use them for arm warmers!

So how does sizing work? Well this is what BGB suggests:
"GUM" - approx 10-14 inches long (most popular size)
*These measurements are based on them laying flat not pulled.

How the "GUM" size leg warmers will fit you.....

Newborns to age 2: To the top of the thigh.
(If you are looking for more of the leg warmer and/or arm warmer style for newborn to age 2 and not the baby leg look please see listings for "Buttons" size Leg and Arm Warmers)

Age 2-7: Just above the knee or mid thigh area

Age 7 to Adult: To the knee or just below the knee (7-Teens looking for more of the scrunch look please see listings for "Bubble" size Leg and Arm Warmers)

*Based on the average person.

BGB does other great pieces besides leggings, even stuff for boys!! Like these bowties and Neckties:

And more girl options.... how cute are these for easter!

So I hope you love this shop as much as I do. Bubble Gum and Buttons is an adorable shop. So support this fun, funky, classy mom and get your little chicks some leggings!! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

What is Moda Bambino?....Oh! and a Giveaway!!!

Okay so for starters I was so excited about blogging, I don't think I have given my readers the full picture. For those that don't know me, I kind of like to shop. And I have been toying with the idea of opening a children's boutique. But lets be honest -that is REALLY scary. So I thought well, I can start blogging about all the products I would carry if I had a store.  So from that Moda Bambino was born. And by the way, Moda Bambino is 'Fashion Baby' in Italian. I know, I'm Cuban, not Italian, but in Spanish it is was 'La Moda del Bambino' and I thought that was too long.

So why am I so into children's fashion? Well because of Ellie and Peyton

So we live in Olympia, Wa., and well good fashions are hard to find. We have a few boutiuqes which do offer great clothing for adults (Sweet Life) but for the kiddos there is only the mall. So I find myself shopping on-line 90% of the time for fun, cute, unique things for them to wear- especially Ellie. Now this blog will feature  shops for girls, shops for boys and shops that sell both. But lets be honest, the girl stuff is just waaayyyyy cuter. And for every 50 girl things there is like 1 boy. So for the momies, aunts and friends of only boys, I will try to show a fair share- but it will feel girl dominated. I'm sorry.

My vision for this blog is to feature all these great on-line shops that stay-at-home moms have started up. I wish I was just a fraction as talented as these gals, but I'm not. But I can sure buy all their fabulous pieces. So each post will focus on a shop that I have just fallen in love with and want to share with all of you. Occasionally I will do an adult shop, gift shop and even a photographer, but primarily it will be about the kids.  I hope that my loves will become your loves and you will have lots of new places to shop for any and all occasions.

You don't have to be a mom to love these shops. You can be a friend, an aunt (real and faux)- anyone that has a special child in their life will love these shops. Or its a great way to find that perfect gift for a baby shower or childs birthday you have to go to and want something really unique.

Our faux-aunt Annie:

Now  yes I did mention a lets get this blog to 100 followers! When that happens, I will radomly select (i'll have Ellie draw a name for a basket :-) ) a name from the first 100 followers. The winner and the person that referred them to the blog will win a $20 gift card to a store I have featured. So get to following and referring!!!

Some of you had questions on how to 'follow'. On the right hand side of the blog there is a link that says FOLLOW it will take you to a screen and ask for you to sign in via GOOGLE, TWITTER or YAHOO. I suggest just doing google- all you do is enter in your regular email and password and your set! Each time I post a blog it will be emailed to you. Of course I will post on FB too, but for the contest you have to follow on the blog. 

PS. I will not be blogging everyday, but I promise at least one a week- if not more!
Thank you for your support and suggestions. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm blogging!!....about flower girl dresses

Okay so my pretty little Ellie gets to be a flower girl this summer for the first time! So of course I was super excited to find her the prettiest, fluffyest, most fabulous dress out there. So I found one..for simply $40! well I got my monies worth, while Ellie was trying it on... flowers began falling off. So needless to say we won't be wearing that one.  So my search began, again.  I then discovered this little website, not sure if you've heard of it, etsy. And now my addiction has begun.  I immediately found a store called Fluffy Tuffies.  The designer Niki is just fabulous. She worked with me to create the dress I wanted. The first dress that caught my eye was this one

RESERVED---------Posh Hydrangea Delight  Tutu Dress and hair clip set

But of course the flowers on top were unavailable :-( so....Niki did not give up. She worked with me and we were able to use that same purple on one of her other dresses. I am so excited to see what she designs. I have full confidence that her flowers will not fall off.  So I encourge you to check out her etsy page and see all the fabulous creations she can make for you and your little flower girl.

Thanks for reading my first blog, and hopefully you'll come back. Any and all suggestions are welcome.