Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DAY 1: Isadora 3000 Fan Giveaway

Tots & Tutus Boutique

That's right this adorable little shop is giving a $20 gift certificate to the boutique. I love reading about these shops and why they started....Here is what April has to say about her business:

Tots & Tutus specializes in all things unique for moms-to-be, babies, and young children. Our products are carefully selected to fit your style. A lot of items are handmade by stay at home mamas so every order helps keep stay at home mamas at home! If you are looking for something in particular or if you have an idea for something, we can most likely turn that idea into something real.

So Here are a few pictures of what you could put that $20 towards

There are so many more items on the website, but I'm a sucker for of course I choose those pictures. There are leggings, poodle skirts, coats and much more. Please go and show this shop love...and remember to refer to the MAIN giveaway post for all the ways to enter!!

Mrs. Darcy

Oh how I love Mrs. Darcy! Monica's shop has already been featured on the blog before and the readers just loved her designs. The winner is going to have a hard time picking which ONE item they want. Monica opened up her lovely little shop last year...and this is why she named it Mrs. Darcy

I love anything Jane Austen, but my favorite story of all time is Pride and Prejudice. Do you ever wonder what happened to Lizzie Bennett after she became Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy? I can only imagine that she hosted and attended the most elegant balls and parties with her dashing husband. In this store, you will find pretties for all ages including beautiful hair accessories and brooches/corsages that I dream even Mrs. Darcy would wear. Happy shopping!

I own the High Tea brooch......beautiful isn't it?!
And then there is the PolkaDot Brooch...available in other colors too

and one more just for a teaser.....
As you can see her brooches/corsages dress up all outfits...even simple cardi's and hoodies. This winner will love her Mrs. Darcy win. Check out the facebook page and etsy shop for more items. And remember to win you must details at the MAIN giveaway page.

Create Kids Couture
So this shop is a new discovery for me...but a great find. If you like to sew, want to learn, or whatever...this little shop will sell you the pattern to get started. And for this giveaway you get to pick any pattern of your choice! Here is a little more info on this new shop

Create Kids Couture was created by two friends who love designing and making boutique clothing for kids: Shannon Donoghue from Dashingly Dainty Designs and Tiffany Vela from Whimsical Willow Couture. After spending close to $1000 on patterns between the two of them in just 2 years, they realized that while there are plenty of amazing patterns out there, the niche for childrens boutique patterns was still somewhat lacking. Finally, after a year of "thinking it over", they decided to release their unique, one-of-a-kind patterns to the masses!
Happy Sewing!

So if your sewing skills are up to the are some of the outfits you can create with their patterns

These patterns are for adorable little will have some much fun making one of these for your little. Look over at the etsy shop for the patterns and their facebook page to see what those patterns will make. Enjoy!


  1. I love Shannon and Tiffany from Create Kids Couture!!! They are the best and so ultra talented, cant get enough of their creations!! :)
    ~Jill Biederman

  2. Just Liked your page for a chance to win the sweepstakes! Am already a fan of Isadora, Dashingly Dainty Designs, Whimsical Willows Couture and Create Kids Couture!! Looking forward to seeing new shops! I just did Mrs Darcy and Tots and Tutus! I really liked the pettiskirt in Green and Pink from Tots and Tutus and the Duchess Fascinator on Mrs Darcy. I already have made a dress a and ordered the tights pattern from Create Kids Couture!

  3. Just shared the link on my facebook page!

  4. the green multi colored head band..
    2.create kids of my favs!! love the green romper with red polka dotted belt...the pink fluff leggings are the cutest thing i've ever seen...i love ALL the halter dresses
    3.tots and tutu's...i love everything about this site...the tutu's the poodle skirts are my favorites
    my name is Brittany Rush

  5. i am a fan of moda bambino and isadora!!!
    my name is brittany

  6. i liked these five sites and told them you sent me!!!
    1.monkey tees
    2.little ella roo
    4.scarlett's whimsy
    5. bridgette and co.

  7. rush
    i shared the link on my facebook page!!!!

  8. @brittbritt3779
    i just tweeted about moda bambino's blog!!!

  9. Michelle T.

    All of them are fabulous!
    1. Corinna Couture
    2. Monkey Tees
    3. Isadora
    4. Sweet Pink Sugar
    5. Vintage Lucys

  10. New fan to Isadora and Moda Bambino
    Create Kids Couture- liked on FB, hearted on etsy
    The Mrs. Darcy- Liked on FB, hearted on Etsy -have to have the Caroline Bingley Silk Rosette Headband - apricot cream gold carmel
    La Couture Amore- liked on FB
    Tots and Tutus- new fan on FB
    Also following your blog!

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  13. I liked and loved all of the pages required. Hope I win!!!!
    Monique Bockmann

  14. Sheila Colbert
    love the tutu's
    brooches was cute
    love love the dresses with the little ruffled pants under them