Wednesday, July 27, 2011

**WINNER** Isadora 3000 fan giveaway

Oh my goodness are you guys just sooooooooo excited!!! Well here are the results!

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So who is number 18......kelley said...

I love love love Mrs Darcy and my favorite items is the Emma Woodhouse - petite fascinator - hot pink, frosty pink and chartreuse green

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 7: **LAST DAY**Isadora 3000 Fan Giveaway

La Couture Amore
La Couture Amore! DeliCously cute Hair Candy for Girly Girls!! and Frilly little FROCKS. Need a show stopping piece, photo prop or just cause. Well look no further because this is your shop! Divian creates these amazing hair pieces that just cannot fully be describe with words...just photos. Divian has this to say about herself and her designs:
I am a bit strange and over the top--it shows in my work. I love to be creative. I do not fit the mold of normal. Normal is not fitting of me and that is exactly how I like it. I see the world of designing through the eyes of the child...colorful, whimsical, and bold. I am not afraid to go out on a limb, usually that is when my best designs are created. My passion is creating pieces that make a it bold and big or small and beautiful. I pride myself in being able to create a little bit of it all.

And now the lucky winner will be able to get any of La Couture Amore's pieces at 50% off! What will you get?! Here's what I would want:

Glad I won't have to hard. I couldn't even limit it to 3 pictures..there are just so many that are unique. Make sure your linked up to her facebook page for all designs and ordering. And connect on the blog for giveaways!

And make sure you have all your entry requirements and comments on the MAIN post. One winner!!

Little Bits by Lisa

How cute is this!! The winner gets two flip-flops....matching! Ellie is always wanting to wear my shoes! Well little bits of Lisa does a little bit of everything. Clothes, accessories and flip flops! So here are a few things you might like to go with your winning shoes:

To see all of Lisa's designs, check out her etsy shop and facebook page!

Lilly Anna Kids
So the last fabulous shop in this giveaway is a new find for me and a new favorite too! This shop is Fun and Funky Hats and Accessories for the modern child! And you get to spend $25 in this shop...yeah! Here are some things you should consider putting in your cart:

To see the whole Tea Party collection and more head gear and hair fluffies...visit the website. And become a facebook fan so you can show her some love!

Thank you all so much for participating in this giveaway and for supporting all these fabulous shops. Make sure your a fan of Moda Bambino on facebook because that's where I'll announce the winner!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 6: Isadora 3000 fan giveaway

Boutique Baby Photography

So this gift is for a local winner if the main winner is not in the L.A. area, then a second winner just for this gift will be choosen. And one lucky winner it will be! Who doesn't love having photos of there baby beautifully taken and blown up in supersize! And this is one fabulous photographer...and she has an amazing story to her passion:

I work as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse to preserve the life of critically ill children and after I gave birth to my only child, an angel baby girl, I gained even more love for the miracle that is gifted onto us. Blessed to be living in sunny SoCal, I decided to use my eye for the beauty found in our natural outdoor settings and put my Digital High Resolution Canon Camera to work! I've since gained quite a portfolio specializing in beach and ocean photography. I noted my daughter to be pretty darn photogenic and have included her in the fun as well. I am currently shooting on location in Malibu Beach, in the dramatic seascapes of Palos Verdes, and the stunning Southbay Botanical Gardens having a blast with my dear daughter to bring to life the unbelievable talents found here on Etsy. We work in trade with NO FEES, please contact me at boutiquebabyphotography [!at] for more details. Listings on Etsy are designed for boutique owners who would like their items returned to them after modeled and photographed.  Super down to earth, life-loving mommy here! Thank you to all the incredible designers in Etsyland who share their wonderful talents with the world!

So here is a little sampling of Sara's portfolio so you can see what her style is, and get some ideas on how you'd like your photo session to go

To view more of Sara's work, and to becoma a fan visit both her etsy shop and facebook page!
When leaving a comment for this...on the MAIN page, please say you are LOCAL to the L.A. area. Thanks!
Blooming Hairlooms

There are so many hair pretties in this giveaway! Your little is going to be well stocked! And you get to spend $30 on these great accessories...lucky! Take a look at what you can get!

Blooming Hairlooms designs are exclusively on facebook. So to be up to date on all her latest, fan the shop!
This shop is why we are even having this giveaway...and she's contributing too! 3,000 of us can't be wrong, Rachelle's designs are amazing, fabulous and we love every single one of them. And if you are the winner of this giveaway you will win a $50 shop credit! So in case you don't know Rachelle, here is a little info about her:

I've been sewing for about 25 years....since I was the math :) My favorite part of it all is creating. I'm an artist....painting, drawing, sculpting, decorating, designing, sewing, are all in a days work. From the time I was a little girl....there wasn't a garment in my closet that didn't have a speck of paint on it, as I'm sure you can imagine I wasn't my mother's dream daughter, lol. My love of designing started as a teenager. I come from an exteremely artistic family, my grandmother is a painter, a cousin who is an architect, my sister is in advertising design and I've delved into just nearly a touch of everything. My real concept of designing began to flourish though, in college, where I made several trips here and there around the globe. I've traveled most of Europe, a few areas of Russia and the Middle East. These trips didnt just give me my sense of style, I also met my tall, dark, handsome Romeo on one excursion! I enjoy chatting with people, making friends and drawing inspriation from my two wonderful, very imaginitive children :)

If I had the $50 shop credit here is what I would get... or I already have :-)

Just in case you need a quick link to go look at more, because I know your a fan on facebook and you've hearted her shop on etsy :-) here you go!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 5: Isadora 3000 fan giveaway

Shake Up Snow Designs

It seems our little girls can never have too many hair pretties. And with this giveaway, the winner will be able to add one to their collection! That's right, this shop owner is giving the hair accessory in the photo to the winner!

Angela has this to say about her shop and herself:

I am a stay-at-home-mom to a fabulous 2 year old gal. She was my inspiration to start making fun hair candy to match her outfits! My friends starting having baby girls left and right so I made them hair candy and wahhhlahhhh it has "snow" balled from there!  I work with some great boutiques making matching hair candy for their creations. I also can custom ANYTHING you see in my shop to the colors that you pr.fer...just ask! I love making new designs :) Originally I am from lovely Dallas, TX, but my husband's job lets us travel all over the U.S. (LOVE!!) We are currently is Alexandria, VA and it is beautiful here! Photography is my second passion and I am so blessed to have WONDERFUL photogs that take gorgeous pics of my hair pretties. I hope that you find something here on my page that makes you smile.  XOXO~ Angela

So here are a few more items in the shop that you may want to add to your cart along with your winning piece:

Adorable hair pretties, great style and amazing prices. You won't be disappointed. Check out the etsy shop and facebook page for more!
Post all comments for the giveaway on the MAIN giveaway post! thanks!!!

Sweet Pink Sugar

This little shop specializes in "special" need something frilly for a party- they have. Just need it for playtime...they have that too. Lots of options and a constantly changing inventory. Here is what this shop is all about:

Sweet Pinks goal is to provide a variety of styles for your little princess! In order to do so Most items will only have one item in every size (FYI if there is something you LOVE:) Every time an item sells out we would like a new design to take its place so there will be many new items all the time and new vendors!!! We hope that this will be exciting for each buyer and will allow you to always have something to adore!!! Some items can be special ordered with a general three week waiting period, just message the store if you are interested in a particular item! Our mission is to Bring Unique Sweet clothing from different Designers to you and your little girls, inspired by the princess within them! When I was a little girl I remember my first experience with the taste of cotton candy at the it melted in my mouth leaving only the sweetness behind to dance on my taste buds, I was hooked! What a satisfying experience, I still love The taste of cotton candy to this day! My Dream is for your experience with Sweet Pink sugar to be so Sweet and Satisfying that you will want to revisit time and time again! 

So here is a little more eye candy from the shop to satisfy that sweet tooth!

The collection and inventory is always link up to the website and facebook to stay up on whats new!

Corinna Couture
Oh how I love this shop. And I know I have a lot of fans that do too! Corinna's eye for style, fabric and just the whole package is amazing. You are going to fall in love with her designs. And the lucky winner gets to have $40 to spend in her shop!! Here's just a quick fact on this shop:

Hello, My name is Corinna. I am a mother of two and absolutely obsessed with fabric, sewing, designing and creating. I enjoy crafting everything from children's clothing to handbags and hope to continue to evolve.

So let me show you a few things to help you spend that gift certificate:

You really need to just go look at her etsy shop to get the full appreciation of her fabulousness. There are so many to see! And then you'll want to fan her on facebook so you can stalk all the new designs.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 4: Isadora 3000 fan giveaway

3lp Couture
Fun, Funky and Fabulous are the three perfect words to describe this shop. This designer is not shy with color or bold prints. Plus I love that she is from Beaumont, Tx ....I spent my first spring break in college there ...random I know. The shop owner is being so generous and giving away their fantastic "let's party T" to the lucky winner! So what is 3LP Couture about?:

I am a children's clothing designer. My company, 3.l.p Couture is award-winning in both stand-alone garment competition and on adorable clients at pageants throughout Texas!
I love customs and OOAKs and have recently begun a ready-to-wear line which will include four yearly collections! I have been designing and sewing for over 25 years and enjoy every minute of it!  I look forward to working with you! :)

So let me show you a few things that would just look perfect with that Party T

Wanting to see more?! Head on over to the etsy shop....and then to facebook to be up to date on all the latest designs. And remember to read through the MAIN giveaway post for entry details...and leave your comments there. Thank you!

Lola & Clementine

Ohhhh there are so many fabulous pieces in this shop. You will spend this gift certificate in 2 minutes, if that. Barb finds the most unique and beautiful fabrics, and whips up a fun design for your little. Her pieces are limited and this is so that you won't be seeing your L&C design walking down the street-its as unique as your bambino, and because her fabrics are hard to find...and who wants to keep creating the same thing? Not this creative lady. So everything is always changing...and for the better. Here's some background info on the shop:

I love designing. After I had my daughter, I wanted to dress her in things that you didn't see everywhere. Unique. Comfy. Bright and happy. After getting frustrated, I decided to make some things myself. I hold a Masters of Fine Arts from New York Institute of Technology, so I like to think I know a thing or two about good design; however, I knew NOTHING about textiles or sewing. Lucky for me, I am a quick study :). That was over 5 years ago, and I still love designing children's clothing.
All my items are made with quality fabrics and notions, a bit of whimsy, and a lot of love.

So here are just a few of these amazing designs from Lola & Clementine:

I'm sure you'll be adding this shops to your favorites in etsy and facebook.

Vintage Lucy's
WOW the lucky winner gets a $50 gift card to this shop! If you have never browsed through this shop, block out some time in your schedule, there is so much to look through. And  I love love love that there is something for girls, boys and moms!! and stinking adorable kitchen towels - seriously! This shop was one of Moda Bambino's first finds...and you can find a full feature of this shop HERE

Vintage Lucy's was started in 2002, I wanted to bring fresh retro designs with a funky twist to the children's clothing industry. My designs are greatly influenced by my love for all things vintage and punk and I have blended them together for a very unique line of items...Hope you enjoy them!

So what can you get for $50 at Vintage Lucy's? Well let me just show you!

You can view all designs at the Vintage Lucy's website, see what boutiques sell VL and see if you can host a trunk show! And to be in the know of everything that is vintage, fan the shop on facebook!