Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hoots and Turkey's, Oh my!

Let me begin with I AM SO SORRY for bing M.I.A for some time now. This little thing called LIFE has been keeping me busy. And I'll be honest, there are so many of you crafty moms out there, I have gotten a little overwhelmed. I just didn't know who to write about next...and well it turned into me not writing at all. That is not fair to anyone, especially these shops I am so excited to find and I want all of YOU to know about. So with that.... lets begin, again!

There are lots of new shops I have discovered, but today I'm going to focus on HALLOWEEN and THANKSGIVING ensembles. So its an all-skate of new and previously featured shops. A win-win I say.

One of my personal faves Bella Claire Baby has done some amazing pieces for these two holidays. There's bloomers, onsies, bows and leggins, oh my!! If only I still had a chunky baby to put these adorable outfits on! And for the matchting tutus, Hannah's Tutus!

Now Little Wellies has taken the combo of costume meets outfit- here she has created these adorbale outfits to resemble disney just wear to town or a playdate. So many choices!! I think Belle is my favorite.

So what to wear if your a mom?!.... Evy's Tree Pumpkin Spice Barilla OF COURSE!!! I'm not sure why I haven't snagged this one up yet...and there's a mini you can be matchy-match.

LaMonique Boutiqe has been whipping up some fun dresses, great for school days!

And (new shoppe) Vintage Baby & Kids has sewn some adorable rompers for Hallow's eve, how cute would this be with little kitty ears...or some fabulous head band?!

Speaking of hair accessories....can't leave that out! Giddy up and Grow has you all hooked up!

And continuing on the accessories theme, check out the necklaces from MiaMoo! she has everything! Some go with the disney outfits from Little Wellies...and others just for FALL.

And if you REALLY want to flashy, fabulous gotta check out Fabulousy Flamboyant (new shoppe) They are show stoppers!

Do you have enought choices?! He he many, I know! I hope you find some things that you just LOVE!