Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm back....with a new review!!

Did you miss me!! I missed writing. Where did the time go? I told myself "okay, take a break, get through the holidays, blah blah blah." That was like 18 months ago. So my new motto...keep it simple. I don't need long, time consuming, elobrate posts. Just get you the info I feel you should know.

So on that note, I'm going to actually blog today for the MOM, yes you.  We love shopping for the kiddos, but hey we need clothes too! I mean how does it look if your bambino is way more fashionable than you? not good. So before you get to the excuses...I don't have time to shop, I'm terrible at it, the kids drive me bonkers at the store.... I have your solution.

If you've heard of it, you know all the faulous I'm about to tell. And if not, get excited. Ok, so first the disclaimer:
*This post is not sponsored by stitch fix and I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just love the concept and especially the "fix" I need.

So in a nutshell, Stitch Fix is a website that you are invited to (sounds fancy!) and you create a profile. You are paired with a personal shopper...gasp inserted here...and she puts together a style box for you. You can get the full details at their site

Here is a breakdown of what I LOVE about this idea
1. Someone else is shopping for me...whats not to love
2. No pressure, items are priced based off of my profile questions on what I like to spend
3. Free return shipping of the items I don't keep
4. I pick when and how frequently I get a "fix"

If you're a mom, shopping usually entails not even trying things on because you're just trying to get out of the store before your child is screaming, running, crying, or doing all 3.  If you are lucky to catch a break and get into a dressing room, you're in a panicked sweat and are rushing through the itmes before the above actions do begin.  This site prevents all that!  Plus what I love is that I'm getting things sent to me I probably would not have picked out for myself, but I love. And I'm trying them on at HOME, matching with items I already have in my closet. And the kids are destroying the house and not a store.

I'm a big fan of on-line shopping (obvioulsy) but this just takes it that extra step. I don't even have to pick the stuff out! And who doesn't love coming home to a box on their porch and its a total surprise on whats inside!

Ok, so what was my first fix like? Let me tell ya. My little shopper listened very well to what I put into my profile. And I even linked her into my pintrest board so she could see my style.

Item 1
Evolution by Cyrus- Twiggy Colorblocked Dress

This was a NO for me. I have plenty of professional dresses and I did not love this one, and I don't feel it was ultra-flattering. But fit was good I felt. So I left that info for my stylist in the future.

Item 2
Swwet Train- Rye Houndstooth Print Tabesleeve Top
This was a YES. I liked it (not the same as love). I felt the pattern was cute, and it would be a good fall back top and would generally work on the days I felt "I have nothing to wear!" In fact today I paired it with black leggings, boots and a cute scarf. Just like the picture showed me!

Item 3
Under Skies- Kohl Tulip Sleeve Chain Detail Top
This was a YES too. I LOVED this top, and I'm a horrible photographer and the pictures do not do it justice. There is this cute gold chain detail on the shoulder. The sleeves are different than any top I own. Um plus there is the cover the butt factor- which the fabic is slightly sheer there, which is cute. I tried it on with white jeans because the picture showed with white pants. I think I want a more trouser pant for the top.
Item 4
Evolution by Cyrus- Ohara Square Print Zip-Up Cardigan
This was a NO/YES. I did send it back, but I did like it. It fit nice, I thought it was flattering too. But it was more $$ than I wanted to spend on a cardigan, and I felt like I didn't need a new cardi right now.

There was also a cute sliver bracelet. But I said NO to that too. I have a lot of accessories thanks to my BFF owning an on-line jewelry botique, Bon Lemon. So I put a note on my check-out that she didn't need to worry about the accessories.

And sending the items back was so easy. I packed up the cardi, dress and bracelet and put it all in the provided USPS bag, sealed it and dropped of the pre-paid package at my local post office. And then I scheduled my next fix!

I hope you find this company to be as amazing as I do. If you want to know more, or sign up, click "invite" and you'll be on your way to your first fix. Enjoy!!