Monday, July 18, 2011

MiaMoo Designs - Jewelry Accessories for the Littles

That perfect outfit always needs that perfect accessory- whether that's a necklace, hair pretty, flashy shoes or all 3. Well I have found a shop that fills the necklace category. MiaMoo creates the most colorful, fun, and fabulous little jewelry accessories for our little bambino's. And the designer Katie has created a signature line- I can spot her pieces all the time in other shops like La Couture Amore, Dogwood Lane, and Matilda Jane.

How Ellie doesn't have 12 of these necklaces I'm not sure. Considering I just ordered the fall collection from Isadora, I'm gonna need to get her some accessories! So here is a little info about Katie and her passion for her shop:
I was inspired to create MiaMoo Designs in honor of my daughter, Mia. This has been such a fun journey! I started MiaMoo Designs 3 years ago and was mostly selling flower clips and burp cloths. I slowly began incorporating dresses, skirts and other hair accessories and turned this blog into more of a craft blog where I could post all my projects, tutorials, etc. I've been making chunky beaded necklaces for about 3 years but just started selling them in the last few months and I think I finally found my niche! They have really taken off :) I LOVE beads and designing new necklaces to go with various clothing lines and special outfits for my clients. I really enjoy custom orders because they continue to help me think outside the box. Both my daughters 5 yrs. and 18 mos. wear my necklaces and feel so glamorous especially with all the compliments they get from people when we're out! MiaMoo Designs necklaces are so unique and will make any little girl feel special.

Okay so this post might be the post with the most photos. There are just sooooo many adorable pieces to show you...and it still won't be all.


 Headband by Palm Tree Princess

 Hair pretty by La Couture Amore



 Hair Pretty by La Couture Amore





I have a feeling that eventually Ellie will have a jewelry box that looks like this:
So how impressed are you?! Katie has found her niche and is doing a fabulous job. I hope that you are in love with her pieces too. Keep an eye out at your favorite shops...they may be accessorized by MiaMoo! If you want to follow Katie and be up to date with her latest designs, you can check her out at the following links

MiaMoo blog
MiaMoo on BigCartel
MiaMoo on Facebook

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  1. Wow! What a shout out! Thank you so much, I'm truly honored! Love your blog, love your FB page :) xo-MiaMoo