Saturday, August 27, 2011

ZUZII - Beautiful, modern, pre walker baby shoes and accessories

So a preggers friend found this shop and when I saw the products I knew I had to share this with MB's followers. Oh how I wish I had a baby girl to wear these things! ZUZII products are high quality accessories for your little babe.All products are handmade in this family owned and operated infant shoe and accessories company.

Here is a quick bio about the company:
At zuzii™ we combine innovative design and comfortable materials to create affordable options for your modern baby.  Having personally experienced the ups & downs of today’s market we set out to create a flexible brand; One that allows us to bring a flow of creative footwear and accessories that help your little one’s look come together at just the right price.  We are a mother and daughter owned company, and it is the collection of our design experience that has allowed us to partner in establishing zuzii™. By combining traditional cobbling and sewing techniques with our modern and clean aesthetic, we have created a very efficient manufacturing system that allows us to custom make every order for you and your baby.  More now than ever, it is important for us to support American manufacturing. All zuzii™ products are handmade by our team. Additionally, we source all raw materials from within the United States. About our Custom Woven Cotton: We feel we have created the perfect blend of stretch cotton, which allows for full movement of your babies feet. This high quality blend allows feet to remain cool in summer and warm in winter. Pediatricians agree that as your baby’s feet are developing there should be no restriction and that shoe uppers should be made with lightweight & breathable materials. zuzii™ cotton provides just this, a lightweight, durable, and wearable shuzii™
So first let me show you the boots! Hide your credit'll be tempted to buy them all!




As you can see ZUZII has lots of adorable little accessories to offer in lots and lots of colors. And the ladies love doing custom just ask. Hope you found something you love. To view their entire product line, visit them and the below sites!

ZUZII on etsy
ZUZII on Facebook
ZUZII on Twitter
ZUZII website

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Faith Works 4 You

Sure there are ruffles and sparkles and lacey details...but there is something to be said of retro. I stumbled upon this unique shop in my etsy surfing...and I'm so glad I did. Faith is bringing back some classics. Its the simple colors, fabrics and designs that make her pieces so adorable. Here is a blurp about Faith and her shop:

I love the 1960's and 1970's style clothing and have fun finding great styles to recreate in adorable retro style dresses with a bit of modern flair. My dresses are finished with a serger for a professional finish and durability. I love custom orders, so don't hesitate to leave me a comment or make a request. I am a one women shop, working hard to get orders out quickly and good quality work...

With Ellie starting kindergarten, I love looking at all the adorable things to get for her "school" wardrobe. And since she is in this "I only want to wear a dress" phase...Faith's shop is a good place to have on my list. Here is a peak...because she has 40+ dresses in the shop...of what you will find when you visit her etsy site.

Retro Style Layla dress in bright yellow

This little dress is made with a bright yellow, twill fabric..Top has a white bib with fabric ruffles..Zipper back, set in sleeves, buttons down the front bib !(Buttons will vary)
Can be made in several colors...If you don't see a color you like in my shop, just ask and I can find it for you..; )      
Great turquoise head pieces by Miss Ruby Sue

1969 Retro style V shaped collar dress

I love this 1960's style dress...The collar is so unique and I just had to create a dress for it....This cutie is made with 100% cotton fabric with different shaped flowers on a cream background..Back zipper , gathered short sleeves with elastic....V shaped collar made with cream twill fabric...
Girls Pullover A-line dress with avocado green flowers

Pullover A-line dress made with 100% cotton twill fabric..The flowers are a beautiful green with black centers..Elastic neckline. Two rows of Black trim above the hemline. Armhole flounce with black trim.. Loose black ribbon tie..Can be worn with or without...

See I told you they are really cute! So go browse the shop and get your little and fabulous retro dress for school, birthday, or just cause!

Faith Works 4 You on Etsy
FaithWorks4You on Facebook

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brownies n Butterflies - custom gifts for babies & toddlers

Seems like this summer there have been  a lot of weddings and a lot of babies being born. With all of this gift giving, it sometimes can get hard to figure out what exactly to get. I love my gifts to always be original, special and just something the mom/bride will love. Well I have found a great new shop that will help for those gifts you need for baby showers.

This Ft. Worth, TX designer has this to say about her shop:
I am a stay-at-home mom that works from home in many different areas. Just like most of you, taking care of the home alone is a job but I also run an embroidery business out of the house. I love creating things and I love babies so the two go hand in hand. I created Brownies n Butterflies to provide affordable, personalized and practical gifts for moms and soon to be moms. I am a mother to 3 wonderful children, ages 10, 8 and 1. I am a wife to a wonderful husband of 10 years. I love creating the impossible and taking ideas from someone and creating it to their full expectations. I don't get to see them all but when I get to see the reaction when someone opens a Brownies n Butterflies creation, it bless' my heart.

I love that this shop has so many of the things moms need and that they are in adorable fabrics and designs. Sure you want to get the burp cloths and bibs, etc, but sometimes what the store has is just not cute at all. Well that's why you need to go to Brownies n Butterflies...because it will be fabulous. Here are some of my favorites...broken down into categories because there is a lot!





She has so many gift set combinations, you must go look at them all. I know there will be something that will be perfect for the next baby gift you need to give. And if there isn't the exact combination of fabric, font, etc- just shoot her an email and she would love to customize any of her products for you. Check out all the products and support Brownies n Butterflies at the following sites:

BNB on Facebook
BNB website
BNB on etsy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moda Bambino Spotlight

So I'm so sorry I have been MIA for 2 weeks, but I have very good reasons. First there was my sister-in-laws wedding, then we were in Cabo (hot!!) and then it was Ellie's bday! She turned 5, how did that happen so fast?!

Well I wanted this post to focus on all the shops that got to enjoy all these events with me. I don't just write about these fabulous shops, I support them. So when I'm telling you how great they are, I really mean it. I buy these items myself, and that's why I recommend them to you. So here are the items and shops in action:


Ellie ended up wearing the dress from Fluffy Tuffies by NMoledo on etsy. It was gorgeous. She had the second best dress...the bride was first of course :-)

And of course she loved wearing the dress. It wasn't itchy for her or anything. Which you know a 5 year old will let you know. We are attending a wedding this Friday and I'm tempted to let her wear it again...too much? hehe just kidding


So Kyle and I were invited to go along on the honeymoon to Cabo. We had a blast! We stayed at the lovely Barcelos Palace Deluxe All-Inclusive Resort- the best way to do a vacation. We relaxed all week by the pool having mojitos and lava flows...and eating... a lot! So here are the things I brought along on my trip:

Necklace is Bon Lemon

Hat is Bon Lemon too!

 Gussy Sews Tangerine Dot
Beach tote
Gussy Sews Damask Tote
Airplane/Carry on

I love Bon Lemon for all my accessory needs, whether its jewelry, hats or beautiful scarf they have it all. And then there's the totes! I love my Gussy bags. The tangerine dot was perfect for the pool and beach. It carried my magazines, hat, cover-up, sunscreen, watch, camera and tipping money :-) The Damask tote I used on the plane for keeping out passports handy, wallet, iphone and more magazines- never can have to many.


Oh my baby girl turned 5 on Friday! How did that happen? Well for her party this year I did an owl theme and we had her party at a local dance studio. The girls loved it!

 Super yummy cupcakes by Sweet Charley B's

 Tanks by Bella Claire Baby

Owl plushie pattern by Snowy Bliss

So I always get cupcakes from Sweet Charley B's. She is a local business, and they are the best cupcakes in town! She was so sweet and took my special order and turned it into exactly what I wanted. Next were the tanks. Bella Claire Baby has their whole little hoot line, which I just love. The owner was great to work with and did this custom little tanks for the party. Ellie's had a big number 5 on the back with her name across it. The girls loved each getting a tank. Lastly was the party gifts. This year I wanted to do something different than the typical goody bag. So I bought this pattern to make the owl plushies from Snow Bliss. Well it was my first real sewing attempt, but I loved doing it. Though it was more labor intensive than I realized. Each owl took about 2 hours to sew. And then the day of the party...I wasn't completely done. So while the girls were dancing, each mom took an owl and sewed the front and back together and stuffed. We had a little sewing circle :-) I loved that I could give the girls something they could keep. I also order the invites from Snowy bliss. She did a whole night owl theme party- great idea!

So that is what I have been up to and why the blog has been neglected. Hope you go and visit these shops and check out all their fabulous products! Thanks!!

Fluffy Tuffies by Nmoeldo on Etsy
Bon Lemon website, facebook
Gussy Sews website, facebook
Sweet Charley B's website, facebook
Bella Claire Baby on etsy, facebook
Snowy Bliss blog, etsy